Are You Driving a Safe Acura in Houston?

June 28th, 2016 by
When deciding on your next family vehicle, you can’t go wrong with a safe Acura in Houston from John Eagle Acura. The entire Acura model line comes with award-winning safety features that set these vehicles apart from other luxury vehicles. Whether you’re shopping for an SUV, sedan or coupe, a safe Acura in Houston is a great choice!
Acura is proud to say that all of its models are highly rated for safety, which makes the task of choosing your next vehicle much easier. Acura takes safety seriously and their number one priority is to provide safety for everyone including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.
There are several different features and systems developed by Acura to improve safety. One of them is Driver Assistance Technology that uses AcuraWatch™ to improve driver awareness and prevent or lessen the severity of a collision by intervening. This feature is available in the ILX and all Acura sedans and crossovers.
The Vehicle Stability Assist feature helps drivers maintain traction on the road by reducing torque and applying the brakes as needed to each wheel. This also helps with over and under steering. You can find this feature in every Acura sedan and crossover model.
The Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE) body structure that is used in every Acura model reduces and disperses the force of a front-end collision to keep drivers and passengers better protected. This feature is also available in every sedan and crossover model.
Drive an Acura sedan or crossover and you’ll get the benefit of advanced braking features, like Collision Mitigation Braking System. This feature will alert you if obstacles or other vehicles are detected in your path and apply the brakes for you if you don’t react quick enough.
Keep children safe when traveling around town with features that are extra sensitive to little passengers. Your Acura can detect if fingers are in the way and automatically reverses windows, moonroofs and power tailgates to avoid injury.
With advanced safety features like these, it’s no surprise that Acura has won so many awards and is a top choice for many drivers. Can you picture yourself behind the wheel of your very own safe Acura in Houston? If so, visit John Eagle Acura today and test out these safety features in person.
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