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Learn the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil

Monday, 05 December, 2022

acura full synthetic oilhouston tx John Eagle Acura

Many drivers don't know that they actually have a choice in the oil that goes into their Acura SUV. Many think it's just one type of oil or just choose the option they know, conventional, because they aren't versed in the differences between synthetic oil and conventional oil. While conventional oil has been getting many drivers by just fine for years, consider the major advantages of switching to synthetic at your next oil change.

Why Drivers Switch to Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is comprised of cleaner base oils compared to the less-refined mix you find in conventional oils. The higher quality composition of the synthetic oil is better overall for your Acura sedan's engine because it combats dirt and debris build-up, overheating, reduces wear, and is more chemically stable. This allows your engine to run cleaner for longer. Acura drivers who use synthetic oil can often wait well over the 5,000 miles intervals required of conventional oils.

You can switch any vehicle from conventional oil to synthetic. It is important to know the mileage on your engine before switching. Higher mileage engines can still make the switch, but it's best to discuss best practices with one of our certified technicians as you change from conventional to synthetic.

Schedule an Oil Change with John Eagle Acura in Houston

Whether you are in a brand new Acura sports car or an older Acura family SUV, chat with a John Eagle Acura service team member about making the switch to synthetic at your next oil change. We'll chat with you about the advantages and how we recommend implementing the change best. We know our customers love their Acura vehicles, and we are here to help you provide some TLC to your luxury sports car or sedan.