How to Enter an Acura Radio Code

October 26th, 2018 by

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Okay, so you’re driving around Katy or about to travel from Spring to Sugarland and you notice that your Acura’s radio isn’t working. Instead, it displays the word “CODE.” It’s a somewhat common scenario, and there’s nothing to worry about — it’s part of a security system Acura has in place to keep you protected, and it’s why you should know how to enter an Acura radio code.

How to Find and Use Your Acura Radio Code

Start by getting in your Acura and turning it on. The radio should still say “Code” — that simply means the security system kicked on because it lost power from your battery.

There are few different ways you can get your Acura radio unlock codes and activate the radio:

  • Pull out your owner’s manual and find the Anti-Theft Radio Identification Card. You’ll find two groups of numbers in the lower right corner. The top group (which should be shorter and in bold) is your code. The bottom one is your serial number.
  • If you don’t have the card, see if you can find the vehicle’s maintenance journal. The technician who first checked the vehicle may have written your radio code in the given slot.
  • If you don’t have the maintenance journal or you do but it doesn’t give the code, look in the glove box to see if you can find a small sticker with two numbers. As in the owner’s manual, the top number is your radio code. It could also be in the trunk jamb or door jamb.
  • If you have the serial number but not the code, you can call Acura. You’ll just need to confirm your personal information for identification purposes.

anti-theft identification code. and radio code in glovebox

Once you have the radio code, simply enter it on your audio system’s preset radio station buttons to have everything unlocked and in perfect working order.

And that’s how to enter an Acura radio code!

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