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Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service Available in Houston

Keeping an eye on your tire pressure can be the difference between business as usual and unsafe driving and expensive replacements. Our service center serves Houston and beyond by offering expert tire pressure monitoring system service. We provide convenience and assurance for everything from routine service to complicated repairs for a better way to keep your car running smoothly.

What Does the TPMS Indicator Mean?

The tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, alerts you when your tire pressure is low. If you notice your TPMS indicator is on, we recommend you visually inspect your tires. It's possible that all your tires need is more air, or there could be damage to your tires that need addressing.

What Are My Tires Minimum and Maximum PSI?

Most Acura models have a recommended tire pressure of 32 to 35 PSI, or pounds per square inch. However, you can check the tire pressure you need by checking the sticker on the driver's side door jamb. You can also find more information in your owner's manual. If you're checking your tire pressure, make sure your tires are cold or that you haven't been driving recently.

How Do I Reset My Tire Pressure Monitoring System Indicator?

There are several methods to help you reset your TPMS that you can try before bringing your vehicle to our certified Acura service center if all else fails.

Make sure your Acura is off before disconnecting the positive battery terminal, pressing the horn for three seconds, and then reconnecting the battery.

  • Drive your Acura above 50 MPH for at least ten minutes, and the next time you turn your car, the indicator should be off.
  • If the above method fails, turn your key to the "on" position, but don't start the car. Hold the TPMS reset button until the light blinks three times, and release the button. Drive the car for 20 minutes, and the system should reset.
  • Inflate all of your tires to over 3 PSI of the recommended tire pressure amount, then deflate them before filling them back up.

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