What Does Acura Mean?

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The Acura brand was launched in 1986 when Honda introduced a division of luxury vehicles to the U.S. At the time, Japanese vehicles were seen as compact and affordable, but not necessarily luxurious. The new brand was originally known as Channel II and the first vehicle developed under this decision was known as the HX. But where did the name Acura come from?

Why is Acura Called Acura?

Ira Bachrach from Namelab created the name Acura. It comes from “acu,” which means precisely” or “with care,” and “ra” is a common Old English suffix (and where the modern “er” suffix derived from).

His challenge was to develop a brand name that conveyed an upscale style and image that the brand would become known for. The name Acura was officially announced in September 1984.

The Successful History of Acura

The public and critics alike that these luxury vehicles were, in fact, precisely made. By the end of its first year, there were 52,869 Acura vehicles sold, and the number of dealerships grew from 60 to 150. In 1987, sales rose to 109,470 vehicles sold that year. The Acura Integra was named on Car and Driver’s “10 Best Cars” that year. The Acura Legend coupe was named Motor Trend’s 1987 “Import Car of the Year,” and was also named one of the “10 Best Cars in the World” by Road and Track.

Not only did Acura prove to be a success, but it blazed a new trail in the industry.

Acura in the Present

In 2018, Acura sales rose 2.8 percent, and the Acura RDX has best-ever annual and December sales. This was the second-best month in the vehicle’s history. The ILX and RLX also saw an increase in December. ILX sales rose 10.7 percent and the RLX rose 16.1 percent, making it the best month for the RLX in 2018. There were also 5,948 Acura MDX vehicles sold in the same month, making December the seventh straight year of selling more than 50,000 MDX vehicles annually.

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